John Dawoodjee: Online Instrument Purchasing and GPOs

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with John Dawoodjee, CEO of Advanced Endoscopy Devices, Inc.  John has over 40 years in the medical device industry and started AED, Inc. in 1985 to manufacture ancillary products for a German company, established a repair company for MIS instruments, and formed relationships to be the repair company for repair companies.  He became an OEM of endoscopes and instruments launching the in 2015 for hospitals and surgery centers to reduce costs in acquiring and maintaining endoscopic equipment.

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Segment 1 (05:20) – The Future of Instrument Purchasing…Online? Segment 2 (18:15) – Perspectives on Group Purchasing Organizations

Join us next week when we will speak to Jonathan Wilder, President at Stericert Co. and Managing Director, Quality Processing Resource Group, LLC.  #beyondclean

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