Jonathan Wilder: Fundamentals of Steam Quality (Part 2)

This week on Beyond Clean we continue our discussion with Jonathan Wilder, President at Stericert Co. and Managing Director, Quality Processing Resource Group, LLC.  Dr. Wilder has worked with all thermal and chemical sterilization methods, as well as cleaning and disinfection methodologies, bringing his background in physical chemistry and surface physics to bear upon difficult problems in the field. He has been published in academic and trade journals. He holds an MBA in Technology Management. He has been an active participant in AAMI sterilization standards committees since 1998 and, as of January 2018, is the co-chair of the US standards-making committee for hospital steam sterilizers.

Join us next week when we will speak with Harry Mullen, Manager of Sterile Processing at Riverside University Health System and Director of Operations for Central Sterilization Solutions.  #beyondclean

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