Keeping New Staff in the Operating Room

This week’s episode of the First Case “Articles On-The-Go” series is written by, Paul Wafer, BS, MBA, RN where he highlights five common reasons new OR staff leave your hospital: “With the average age of an Operating Room nurse now over 50 years old, there will be new nurses joining your organization in the future.  If you are having issues with staff turnover, chances are one or more of the 5 reasons above are in play.  With focused effort and a lot of patience, cultures can change and staffing can stabilize. We owe it to our new nurses to give them the best opportunity for them to succeed…” ——- Articles On-the-Go presents perioperative insights from written articles in a creative, easy to listen, audio format. Think audio book, meets busy Operating Room professional! #FirstCase #Podcast #OperatingRoom #Surgery #ArticlesOnTheGo



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