Kenya: How is Ilara Health Improving Availability and Affordability of Diagnostic Devices?

Kenya has a lot of talent and opportunities for innovation. Access to care is not a problem because plenty of community nurses are present nationwide. However, they have a limited problem and mostly focus on main infectious diseases, leaving serious conditions undiagnosed, says Emilian Popa, Founder and CEO of Ilara Health.

Ilara health equips a network of small healthcare providers with lifesaving and essential diagnostic tools to improve the quality of medical care in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this episode, Emilian Popa talks about: 

  • why health insurance is hard to scale in Africa, where people are concerned with daily costs and survival, 
  • investments and how local VCs mostly invest in sectors like real estate and investments for health tech are supported by foreign investors, 
  • why Ilara Health is expanding on the Kenyan market but not in Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria or Egypt. 




Ilara Health:

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