Lessons from a Rep Who’s Created More Than 1,000 Video Sales Emails

Did you know that the average complex sale has 8 to 9 people involved in the sales process? Getting buy-in from each one, or even getting them all on the same zoom call can be a headache. How do you succeed and move the needle? In this episode, we interview Thomas Buchanan, Account Executive at Modus, who has been leveraging video sales calls since 2017. He’s been using 1-to-1 sales videos to create buy-in, extend his influence in his prospect’s organizations, and close high-dollar deals. He’s created thousands of video calls and distills his knowledge down into actionable advice that will drive results for account execs and sales reps at all levels.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started using video sales tools
  • The first video you should create and send to a prospect
  • How to use individual watch time and engagement as sales signals to close more deals
  • What subject lines to use when sending a video
  • The ideal length for a 1-to-1 sales video
  • The attitude you must embrace when first getting started

Plus, spend time brainstorming all the various ways a MedTech sales professional could integrate video into their routine and create a blue ocean for themselves!

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