Leveraging Global Demand for US Medical Expertise with Telehealth Services, with Babak Movassaghi and Christopher Lee, co-founders of InfiniteMD

Interested in a doctor’s opinion from a world-renown Mass General Hospital on a head injury? InfiniteMD has you covered!
InfiniteMD is a platform that lets patients around the world access healthcare specialists (think Oncology, radiology, dermatology, hematology, etc.) in the US for second-opinions on their medical care. 
In this episode, we spoke with the founders of InfiniteMD, Babak Movassaghi (PhD, MBA) and Christopher Lee (MSE, PhD) on how virtual care is expanding globally – especially on their platform! 
Since starting the company in 2015, InfiniteMD has brought on over 2,400 specialists onto their platform! In the US alone, 1.5 million people have access to the InfiniteMD platform.
In today’s episode, Babak and Chris discuss parts of the secret formula to building a successful telehealth platform. For example,

How do you get medical specialists to join your platform?
How do you create a platform that specialists and patients both love?
Customers or Providers? Which should you acquire first?

InfiniteMD also boasts some pretty amazing results. Over 20% of patients that use this platform are given a new diagnosis and ~82% of all cases at InfiniteMD have resulted in a change in treatment plan or additional diagnostic testing. 
Super interesting use of technology — even more so with a lens on the global patient population! Enjoy!


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