Leveraging Value Across the Entire Healthcare Supply Chain

On this week’s episode of Power Supply Articles On-the-Go, Bob Yokl argues why no stone should be left unturned with your value analysis program in meeting your goal of generating a bottom line for your system and no commodity group should be excluded from your value analysis agenda: “One of the missteps we observe with supply value analysis programs is that healthcare organizations aren’t leveraging value across the entire healthcare organization, thereby leaving millions of dollars of purchases annually not value-justified. It’s almost like there is a sign posted on thousands of dollars of non-clinical products and services that reads “off limits.” It shouldn’t be that way!…” Tune in for the full article! Loving the #PowerSupply conversations? You can now download our free mobile app: Apple: https://zcu.io/sx2h Android: https://zcu.io/xJSJ And listen at: iTunes -> https://zcu.io/3Zef Spotify -> https://zcu.io/eBXx Stitcher -> https://zcu.io/2gMi Amazon Podcasts -> https://zcu.io/Xo2S Google Podcasts -> https://zcu.io/O8SY #PowerSupply #Podcast #Education #SupplyChain #Healthcare #Purchasing #Contracting #ValueAnalysis



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