Making the Phone Ring with New Patient Appointments

Many physicians enter the field carrying an outdated assumption that there’s no need to advertise. You simply showcase your achievements, connect with your network, and eventually the work comes. But that model is broken.

Our very own Zed Williamson recently joined Dr. Scott Sigman on The Ortho Show Podcast to talk all things patient demand. In this special episode, Zed shares tangible examples of what an ineffective advertising message looks and sounds like, the bias our brains entertain, and how many patients are candidates for the very procedures that are tied to medical device cases for your technology.

Listen to hear Zed’s input on:

  • How predictability in the human brain works and why you should care
  • Neuroscience and heuristics bias and how that drives action
  • Using bias as a learning mechanism
  • Why the right message can attract or deter patients
  • How to design emotional vs data driven responses

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