Medical Device Podcast: Dr. Adolph Lombardi

A conversation with former President of the Knee Society and Hip Society, Deputy Director of CCJR, Founder of Operation Walk USA  Dr. Adolph Lombardi!  We talk about his pioneering work as a patented implant design surgeon, JIS, ASC's, his biggest automobile regret, and the SUITS!!!

Dr. Lombardi is the president of JIS Orthopaedics, formerly known as Joint Implant Surgeons, a medical practice he first joined in 1987.   He pursued two fellowships in reconstruction of the hip and knee—one with Thomas H. Mallory, MD at Joint Implant Surgeons and the other with Gerard A. Engh, MD at the National Hospital for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and Anderson Orthopaedic Institute.

Dr. Lombardi had a vision for a physician-owned musculoskeletal specialty hospital, which spurred the development of New Albany Surgical Hospital in 2003, and acquired by Mount Carmel Health Systems by 2007. In 2013 he and his partners opened ambulatory surgery centers White Fence Surgical Suites and Southeastern Ohio Surgical Suites, where they have performed over 10,000 outpatient arthroplasties. 

He designed the Maxim and the Vanguard Knee Systems, the AVL Anti-Subluxation Rotating Hinge Knee, the Max-Ti Reconstruction Acetabular Cage System, the Taperloc Complete Hip System, and the Signature System in which patient-specific custom guides for performing arthroplasty are generated from preoperative imaging studies. Lombardi has been a clinical investigator for several FDA clinical trials and holds multiple patents related to instrumentation and implants.

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