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Each week Device Nation brings you ideas and stories from the frontlines of device sales, along with compelling interviews from icons in the world of medicine!!

Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. Andy Schwartz

Part one of a Blue Devil BOGO, a Duke Dynamic Duo….Drs. Andy Schwartz and Dr. Michael Bolognesi!  We kick off this titanic two-for-one talking with Duke fellow, and newly-minted Iowa City Orthopod, Dr. Andy Schwartz!  We cover a lot of ground here, his work at Duke, his peerless implant identification acumen, hip revisions, his vision for the career in front of him, the mnemonic “MEH”….it's anything but, as it can help us as reps, you'll be inspired!

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Is medical device sales a mission, or a job?  What can playing through a Strymon Blue Sky reverb pedal teach us about being a positive presence in the lives of those around you?

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Medical Device Reps Podcast: Dr. Andrew Koman

A Mt. Rushmore-worthy conversation with legendary Wake Forest Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr. Andrew Koman!  We talk about his pioneering work with cerebral palsy patients, leadership strategies, distal radius fractures, Lionel trains,  and much more.  A truly inspiring conversation I know you will enjoy! 

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Cerebral Palsy:

We also talk with a real legend on the rep/distributor side of the aisle, Mr. Fred Anderson of Charlotte, NC!  His experience as a Cintor rep, Osteonics distributor, VP of sales and much more….a lot of sage wisdom here for us box-openers!

The answer to your issue is most likely just “two tables away”….join us in Charlotte as we collaboratively look for the answers to just that: 

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Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. Brian Culp

A big conversation with an incredible Orthopedic Surgeon and Rush Fellow, Dr. Brian Culp!  We talk about his practice at Princeton Orthopedic Associates, the value of speaking Spanish, Surgeon Wellness,  running with the BULLS and much more!!!

Building a Better Rep:
Building a Better Surgeon:

Big Is Cool Again!

Device Nation delivers a few big pointers to Chris and his class at Medical Sales College, things young reps need to consider in 2022….it's not the 80's anymore!

Electro Mixes to take you back:

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Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. Richard Yoon

Device Nation brings you Dr. Richard Yoon, Orthopedic Trauma and Reconstruction specialist at Barnabas Health Medical Group for an inspiring conversation about his path to medicine, tips and tricks for DFR, Peri-prosthetic FX,  Haidong GumDo!!!

We also discuss his work on the launch of  SMRA, an organization dedicated to helping medical representatives navigate their way successfully through the business of medicine changes that are underway.  “The voice of the business of medicine”,  Dr. Michael Ast of HSS  joins the discussion on this very topic!  You will be inspired and encouraged hearing why this A-list faculty of surgeons and reps want to help the likes of US!!

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Vendors, do you have a product  reps may want to consider having in their bag?  Would you like an opportunity to demonstrate to the “best of the best” at this meeting? 

Email us at as we want to help!

Dr. Ast Device Nation Interview:
Dr. Ast on the ASC trend underway:

Do young players need a guitar lesson to get off on the right foot?  What about the seasoned axe-slinger?  Now, more than ever, we need to surround ourselves with “Calebs” to successfully navigate this next chapter in medical device! 🎸🎸

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Medical Device Reps Podcast: Greg Mays, HMBA

It's a Supply Chain Spectacular as Device Nation sits down for an inspiring conversation with Assistant Vice President of Procurement and Medical Device Management with LifePoint Health, Greg Mays, HMBA!  We talk about rep  and supply chain “pearls and pitfall”, cap pricing, vendor contracts, vendor credentialing and more!

Before joining LifePoint, Greg was a Group Director at HealthTrust Purchasing Group and specialized in consulting  with member hospitals to help them achieve better value in their Medical Device sourcing.

Greg was in Orthopaedic implant sales (Sports Medicine, Hip/Knee and Extremity) for over 14 years!  He began his career as a “Tech-rep” and has progressed to a Full Sales Associate, then Territory Manager. This experience involved him with professionals from a variety of backgrounds from surgeons and hospital CEO's, to surgical staff and instrument techs.

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What's a GPO? IDN?

The 1 in 60 rule is a rule of thumb which states that if a pilot has travelled sixty miles then an error in track of one mile is approximately a 1° error in heading, and proportionately more for larger errors.  Inversely, if we stay on the same heading we've always been on in medical sales….will we land at the intended destination?  Consider looking at degrees of course correction, NEW models to bring more value to all parties involved, especially the patient!

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Medical Device Reps Podcast: Dr. Herrick Siegel

Device Nation sits down for an inspiring conversation with Herrick Siegel, MD, Section Head of Orthopedic Oncology at UAB Medicine in upstate Alabama …..a must follow on LinkedIn if you like profoundly challenging reconstruction cases. Dr. Siegel offers hope to these patients, bringing his unique skill set of confidence and capability to the table!

We also discuss his work on the Signature Orthopaedics Spartan Stem, a compelling implant with an incredible design aesthetic!!!!

Will, a rep who calls on Dr. Siegel, shares practical ways you can deepen your position with your doctors, employees of the hospital, employees of the company/companies you work for, and competitive peers. We also look at products to widen your income base (multiple revenue streams is the moat around your business), is Link that product your should add to your bag?

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