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Each week Device Nation brings you ideas and stories from the frontlines of device sales, along with compelling interviews from icons in the world of medicine!!

Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. Augustus White

Dr. Augustus A. White, Orthopaedic Surgeon-in-Chief at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston for thirteen years, Ellen and Melvin Gordon Distinguished Professor of Medical Education, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Professor Emeritus of the Harvard/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Dr. White served our country as Vietnam combat surgeon in the Army Medical Corps and was awarded the Bronze Star.

An inspiring life story as we journey with him in the segregated South as a Memphis youth, that would culminate in a career that would position him as an internationally known, widely published authority on biomechanics of the spine, fracture healing, surgical and non-surgical care of the spine.

Author of “Seeing Patients”:
Author of “Overcoming”:
Dr. Wayne Southwick:
Dr. Tom Catena:

We continue our “Special Agent” series looking at the OODA as framework for relationships all around us. The first casualty of familiarity is active observation!

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Medical Device Reps Podcast: Dr. David Crawford

Former Army and Current JIS Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. David Crawford! Hear about his journey through the military, deployment, and landing at one of the top facilities in the US…JIS! We begin our ‘Special Agent” series with attention to a concept in combat theater and FBI firearms training, the “OODA Loop.”


OODA Loop:

Ultimate OODA Guide:

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Medical Device Reps Podcast: Dr. Greg Vecchi/Former BSU FBI Chief

Former FBI Behavioral Science Unit Chief Gregory M. Vecchi, Ph.D. Device Nation Podcast release! Learn about his amazing career as we create a foundation for our forthcoming “Special Agent” series. What wisdom can we glean from the Waco Siege, the Behavioral Stairway Model he authored, OODA loops among others, to do our jobs (and life) better and what does this all have to do with medical device?

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Vecchi International:

Behavioral Science Unit:

The Original Mindhunters:

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Medical Device Reps Podcast: Dr. Greg Vecchi/Former FBI BSU Chief

Former Behavioral Science Unit Chief Dr. Greg Vecchi joins us! We learn about his amazing career in law enforcement, creating the foundation for our Device Nation “Special Agent” Series. What can we learn from his work on the Waco Siege, the Behavioral Stairway model he authored, OODA loops? Stay tuned!

Vecchi International:
Behavioral Science Unit:
The Original Mindhunters:

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Medical Device Rep Podcast: Dr. Daniel Paull

Braveheart Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Paull! In his words ….”So I let it all go. No coders, no billers, no insurance companies, no clunky EMR. It’s only my patients and me. I am providing much better care, not because I am a better doctor than I once was, but because I get to spend more time with each of my patients.” Linkedin mensch Dr. Matt Barber joins us for this inspiring conversation!

Article that inspired the interview:

It takes great courage and intentionality to live life in the presence of ‘peer review’. Anectodal living can be instructive but is fraught with limitations!!

Special thanks to the amazing people at the OVM Agency for helping put this together!
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Medical Device Reps Podcast: Dr. Lenita Williamson

Orthopedic Surgeon, Entrepreneur and Mermaid, Dr. Lenita Williamson! We talk about her life, Southern California practice, scuba diving and much more. Check out her exciting startup:

What does it mean to dive safely? The buddy system. Find a buddy and be a buddy so you can look where you’re going, and go where you’re looking….safely!

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