Medical Device Rep Podcast: Greg Paul, Summiting Mt. Everest with Bilateral Knee Replacements/Part One

You might need supplemental oxygen on hand for this episode as we’re going 30,000 feet up talking with Greg Paul, the only person to have summited Mt Everest, the highest mountain above sea level, with not a microfracture, not a pfj, not a uni nor a TKA,  that would be too easy!   He got his 44,250 steps in with bilateral knee replacements….just an incredible and inspiring story! 

So what do YOU want to achieve personally, relationally, professionally this week, this month, this year and what are the obstacles in the way?  Today marks the launch of our “Summit Series”,  as we learn from Greg Pauls experience to how summit these personal and professional mountains, both safely AND successfully!

The Story:

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