Medical Device Rep Podcast: Greg Paul, Summiting Mt. Everest with Bilateral Knee Replacements/Part Two

Part Two of an inspiring conversation with Greg Paul, the only known person to have summited Mt Everest sporting  bilateral knee replacements….just an incredible story! 

You'll learn which implant company has the bragging rights, the storm that almost ended everything, Krakaur's book “Into Thin Air”, a trash pile on the summit!!

We continue our “Summit Series”,  as we learn from Greg Pauls experience to how summit these personal and professional mountains, both safely AND successfully!  Today we talk about what do YOU really believe about yourself, others,  and the tasks in front of you:

If you hold a Belief,
You think a thought,

If you sow a Thought,
you reap an Action

If you sow an Action,
you reap a habit

If you sow a Habit,
you reap a character

If you sow a Character,
You reap a DESTINY

The Story:

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