Medical Device Reps Podcast: Dr. Robert E. Booth-Part Two

Device Nation sits down with the top volume joint surgeon in the US,  Dr. Robert E. Booth!  Over 47,500 joint replacements and counting, he is a co-designer of five TKA systems over a 20-year period, and is an internationally known speaker and educator.  An amazing life story, you don't want to miss this inspiring conversation with one of the giants!

Clinic Site:

Dr. Booth “You cut them, you marry them” video:

We open up part two of our FBI “Special Agent” series with a look at the Behavioral Influence Stairway developed by former FBI BSU chief, Dr. Greg Vecchi!  How do we get past the landing of the stairway, both from a product and a personal perspective?

Behavioral Influence Stairway Model Graphic:

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