Medical Spa Marketing Strategies #150

As a Med Spa owner, how are you driving patients? Getting out of the, ‘If I build it they will come mentality,’ it’s really what you do with your social media, content, and consumer engagement that will bring you success in this field.

So when it comes to marketing strategies, where do you start and how do you do it right? Dive into this episode to learn all about what to do, what to avoid, and effective ways to get it done in your Medical Spa marketing.


[00:01 – 02:42] Your Success is Tied to Your Marketing

  • Welcome to the 50th episode special! 
  • Today’s topic – Medical Spa marketing strategies.
  • How your social media ties directly to your success as a Med Spa

[02:43 – 21:18] Leverage Your Platform, Curate Your Content

  • The most successful platforms we see work, and why
  • Practical tips and tools that can help you narrow down and reach your audience
  • The importance of content and the processes that will work best for you
  • “The big idea process” – distributing your content effectively 
  • Value first, sell later

[21:19 – 41:54] Building Rapport with Your Consumers

  • Reviews are critical – how to build your reputation 
  • Winning the ‘onsite SEO’ game
  • When everything is in place, it’s time to re-market correctly
    • Don’t marry before you date
  • Navigating cold and warm audiences

[41:55 – 45:53] Closing Segment

  • Make sure to track all your results
  • Final thoughts
  • Stay tuned for more. Links available below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“The most important thing to have in mind is – plan ahead; especially in content creation, on the video side, a month in advance.” – Justin Knott

“This is about to be your explosion and dominance on injectables online with social media…”- Kelley Knott

“Focus on educating and providing value to patients 90% of the time.” – Justin Knott


Resources Mentioned:

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