Medtech International Marketing and Sales Efforts During Covid-19

Episode 2 of the season – Medtech International Marketing and Sales Efforts During Covid-19 

Season One – Covid-19 – how Medtech companies can respond in marketing, sales and operations.

Today we are talking about international marketing in the Covid-19 era.  There is a good chance you are either a manufacturer that exports product to international markets or a distributor that is representing a manufacturer.  My experience is that small and medium sized US companies tend to treat their international markets as a low priority.  Non-US manufacturers are much more sensitive to their international distribution networks.  During this challenging period, it is very important to be communicating with your international channels! It is not hard! Nor expensive! To discuss this in more detail, we are fortunate to have Kris Morrill with us today.  Kris is the co-founder of medeuronet, a medtech consultancy with an office in Strasbourg France that can help companies succeed anywhere along the medtech roadmap from innovation to commercialization. 

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Immediate Impact Idea for today:

If you are a manufacturer, send a personal email to each of your top distributors.  Ask them:How they are doing.What support you could provide to help them stay top of mind with the end-users.Offer to create an eNewsletter they can distribute to their end users.If you are a distributor, send a personal email to each of your top suppliers.  Ask them:How they are doing.If they have any programs or promotions to help you stay top of mind with end-users.Use an example of what a competitor is doing if this is relevant.Offer to deploy an eNewsletter regarding their product(s) if they would provide you the content and images.

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