Nancy Chobin: Sterile Processing Certification – The CBSPD Spotlight (Part 2)

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Nancy Chobin, President and CEO of Sterile Processing University, LLC for Part 2 of our interview highlighting CBSPD Certification.  Nancy is Retired from her position as the Vice President of Sterile Processing Services at Barnabas Health in West Orange, New Jersey where she was employed from 1990 to July 2015.  She served as a liaison for Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare/Medicaid and the New Jersey State Department of Health surveys.  She also worked as an Independent Nurse Consultant providing services related to the design of SPD Departments, policies and procedures, compliance with regulatory standards, on-site training, and preparation for certification to over 260 hospitals, medical device manufacturers, legal firms and healthcare systems and surgery centers in the US.  Nancy is a renowned International and national speaker and is the founder and past Executive Director of the Certification Board for Sterile Processing & Distribution, Inc.   Finally, she has received many awards in the field of sterile processing and was recently recognized as the 2018 recipient of the AAMI Standards Developer Award.

Join us next week when we speak with Barbara Harmer, Director of Clinical Services at Innovative Sterilization Technologies, LLC.  #beyondclean

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