Navigating AI in Medical Research

Our guest: Dr. Chris Lovejoy

Dr. Chris Lovejoy is a medical doctor who has spent the last several years exploring data science. He has a master’s degree in machine learning at UCL, and he currently works as a data scientist. He’s been involved with several AI for healthcare projects, including a model to predict health deterioration, and a BMJ systematic review looking at the quality of AI studies.

On his blog and YouTube channel, he shares his thoughts and experiences of applying machine learning to healthcare. Most recently, one of his fun coding projects where he created his own alternative to the YouTube algorithm for finding interesting videos went viral.

In this episode, Dr. Lovejoy starts by delving into why he decided to code up his own YouTube videos recommendation algorithm. We then discuss the state of AI in medical research and explore what could be the gold standard of reporting results on the use of AI in medical studies. Chris explains how started and how is it going and shares his experiences in building a engaged community interested in Healthcare + AI.

You will not want to miss the companion video segment with Dr. Chris Lovejoy on the You+AI Vodcast which is full of fun and candid moments.

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