Next Generation Dental Care Using AI, with Dr. Wardah Inam, CEO & Co-founder of Overjet

Dr. Wardah Inam is the CEO and co-founder of Overjet. Overjet is a software company that develops a platform designed to reduce costs and improve the quality of dental care. It uses artificial intelligence and analyzes dental data to determine what treatments are necessary for the patient, enabling patients to get improved dental care.

She has been ranked among the 32 most influential people in dentistry by Incisal Edge. Prior to founding Overjet, she led product development at a Silicon Valley-based healthcare startup, Q Bio, working on biomedical imaging.

Topics we discuss today:

  • Wardah’s journey into entrepreneurship
  • How do you go about finding early customers?
  • Overcoming challenges working with dental care data
  • Advice on recruiting high-quality engineering talent
  • How do you manage patients over time?
  • How do you think about how much money you should raise for your company?

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