NHL Injury Podcast – Jan 18

Dr. Harjas Grewal kicks off his weekly NHL Injury podcast. He covers all pertinent injuries from every team and gives you a doctor’s perspective on what’s happening in the NHL in terms of injuries. __________________________________________________________________________ Get your TFD Hoodies, T-shirts, and other apparel here – https://the-fantasy-doctors.creator-spring.com/ TFD APP info: – What it is? All the best sports follows on Twitter in one easy place plus injury reports, and videos for the 4 main sports – Promo video: https://youtu.be/FsLqXEynz1o – More info here: https://thefantasydoctorsapp.com/ – How to use tutorial video: https://youtu.be/kvVvNlTKcd0 – Notifications only are for new injuries. – Available on the Apple and Google Play App Stores. __________________________________________________________________________ NFL Injury Reports – Bookmark them and check daily https://thefantasydoctors.com/nfl-injury-tracker/ – Also available on TFD App (white medical button, middle bottom) – Detailed/Advanced version available on: https://tfdinjurydraftguide.com/ __________________________________________________________________________ Follow us on Social Media – Twitter / IG / TikTok / Facebook – @TheFantasyDRS @TFDNBA, @TFDNFL, @TFDMLB, @TFDNHL – @DrJesseMorse @seleneparekhMD @amarpatelMD @Harjas_Grewal ___________________________________________________________________________ If you’re interested in advertising with us, send us an email at: TheFantasyDRS@gmail.com Items mentioned: 00:00 Intro 00:35 Anaheim Ducks 00:53 Phoenix Coyotes 01:21 Boston Bruins 01:53 Buffalo Sabres 02:40 Calgary Flames 02:50 Carolina Hurricanes 03:04 Chicago Blackhawks 03:29 Colorado Avalanche 04:00 Columbus Bluejackets 04:18 Dallas Stars 04:35 Detroit Redwings 04:50 Edmonton Oilers 05:49 Florida Panthers 06:00 Los Angeles Kings 06:14 Minnesota Wild 06:40 Montreal Canadiens 07:46 Nashville Predators 07:57 New Jersey Devils 08:28 New York Islanders, New York Rangers 08:57 Ottawa Senators 09:31 Philadelphia Flyers 09:50 Pittsburgh Penguins 10:00 San Jose Sharks 10:40 Seattle Kraken 10:55 St. Louis Blues 11:05 Tampa Bay Lightning 11:35 Toronto Maple Leafs 11:48 Vancouver Canucks 12:05 Las Vegas Golden Knights 12:40 Washington Capitals 13:23 Winnepeg Jets



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