Nigeria: Innovation in One of The Worst Healthcare Systems in The World

One of the speakers at the Nextmed Health Conference 2023 said: “In the past, people didn’t age; they just died.” This is still a daily reality in many low-income countries, which face a lack of workforce, poor healthcare system structure, and lack of resources. In this episode, we will learn about Nigeria. Nigeria has 220 million people which is roughly ⅔ of the population of the US.

While many healthcare-related resources are scarce, the Internet is available and so is the fierce ambition of local entrepreneurs. These use digital tools to bring healthcare information and care closer to patients or to upskill the workforce. So what does care in Nigeria look like? What challenges do startups face? Where do they get investments? 

Hear from:

  • Charles Umeh, Chief Medical Officer of CribMD,
  • Ossai Ifeanyi CEO of CribMD,
  • Jennie Nwokoye, CEO of Clafiya and
  • Christian Chidoziem, Pharmacy Student and Entrepreneur.




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