No Fuss Slush: Discover the Streamlined Efficiency of Fully-Automated Surgical Slush

How much time do you spend making surgical slush before or during a case? Have you ever considered how long your open surgical slush is exposed to airborne contaminants and fluid-loving pathogens?  In this First Case Vendor SpotlightTM we sit down with Ruth Stachura, MBA, RN, Vice President Business Development at °C Change Surgical, to discover the benefits of a closed and fully-automated surgical slush system – SurgiSLUSHTM. In this interview we’ll learn more about this highly efficient, set and forget technology that yields predictive, expert slush supply, every time. With a streamlined intraoperative workflow and confirmed sterile barrier integrity, SurgiSLUSH is the infection prevention asset every OR needs.  

°C Change Surgical is a privately held company in North Carolina that manufactures and assembles cutting edge sterile fluid cooling systems exclusively in the US. With valuable insight from clinical leaders across North America, °C Change Surgical developed a sterile slush system that streamlines workflow, automates expert supply, and conforms with today’s clinical guidelines. And, it’s the fastest growing sterile slush system in the US. 

Visit the °C Change Surgical website, to view a 30-second, informative video for a quick introduction. You can also request additional information, receive a quote, or schedule a free evaluation. And don’t forget to follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook



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