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Our guest: Dr. Sandhya Ramanathan

Dr Sandhya Ramanathan is a General Practitioner who practices in Auckland, New Zealand.

Since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, she has been active on social media raising public awareness regarding the precautions that need to be taken to avoid Covid19. One of her many YouTube videos titled, “Home medical management plan for mild Covid-19” went viral and has been seen by millions of people who have appreciated her efforts to share these simple and practical tips.

In this podcast episode, Dr Sandhya Ramanthan gives us a peek into the response in New Zealand, the practical tips that helped her family, friends and her patients, what led her to make videos, the feedback that she has been receiving and her insights on the way forward.

You may follow Dr. Sandhya Ramanathan on her Twitter handle and connect on her Facebook page.

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