Nordics Series 4/4: Europe Can Learn About Collaboration (Anna Adelöf Kragh)

This is the last episode in a short series about healthcare digitalization in the Nordics. The discussion resolves around healthcare in the Nordics more broadly, data standards and interoperability across Europe, a successful pilot project from the 2000’s called epSOS, in which 12 EU Member states worked on cross-border healthcare interoperability, and what that project tells us about ambitions in Europe to achieve the European Health Data Space by 2025. The speaker in the episode is Anna Adelöf Kragh, Partner at VENZO_Public and Healthcare – an innovative consultancy firm specializing in human-centric digital transformation. Anna has more than 10 years experience working with  governance, strategy and project management within the public and healthcare sector. For example she worked on various projects related to healthcare interoperability and digitalization for the European Commission,  Nordic Ministerial Coucil in the project for Nordic e-health cooperation group. 

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