Norway: The “pilot illness” – easy to do hospital pilot projects, difficult to get larger deployments

Telemedicine is becoming an archaic term in 2023. It is also too broad. We now have at-home hospitals, virtual wards, remote monitoring, and more. Video consultations and online patient portals saw a spike during the pandemic. While many encounters have returned to the in-person setting, a lot of development is happening in workforce optimization. This aims to reduce the burden on hospital infrastructure and improve patient outcomes by bringing clinical staff back into patients’ homes, provided they have the necessary conditions, equipment, and support for at-home care.

In this episode, you will hear from Svein Willasen, Co-Founder and CEO of Confrere, the leading telehealth company in Scandinavia (acquired by Daily in 2022). Svein and I discussed the changing landscape of telemedicine provision, expectations from generative AI, how software providers can sell to hospitals in Nordic countries, and more.




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