Operating with Confidence: Discovering the Next Generation Surgical Power System

Have you ever grabbed a power tool off of your backtable only to be horrified when bioburden fell out of it? If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll want to tune in to this First Case Vendor SpotlightTM with Jason Moonen, Product Manager at Aesculap! We’re going to discover the ELAN® 4 Power System today, the only micro power system that you can flush internally from proximal to distal end. This design allows bioburden to be forced out of the handpiece, giving you the confidence of clean instruments, and the peace of mind in helping to reduce surgical site infections caused by contaminated instruments. 


The ELAN 4 Power System eliminates the need for matching components with its integrated motor system. It also has an intuitive “Plug-N-Play” assembly for all tools and attachments, along with universal burr length and clear coding of burrs. All types and sizes of burrs are available for handpiece lengths thereby reducing inventory carrying costs and shelf space. 


To learn more about the ELAN 4 Power System visit  http://aesculapusa.com, follow Aesculap on LinkedIn and reach out to your local Aesculap representative for more information! 


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