Owning Your MedTech Career with Samuel Adeyinka

Selective language is everything in sales—so why are you so careless with your self-talk? Some may think personalized coaching offers little more than woo-woo terminology and fuzzy feelings… but when Samuel Adeyinka dug deep and began questioning limiting beliefs in every arena of his life, his MedTech career accelerated rapidly. We caught up with Samuel, who founded his own full-service media and training company, “Evolve Your Success,” to discuss why all professional triumphs are anchored in personal growth. Join us for our richest discussion about mindset yet—it may have you reconsidering what you truly want out of your MedTech career, why you want it, and how to go about getting it. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to “show up for yourself” every day
  • Why it might be time to redefine what success means to you
  • How the best of the best continue to perform professionally amid personal setbacks
  • Why reps shouldn’t fear sharing their real motivations with hiring managers
  • How to manage the sometimes-intimidating freedom of today’s social media branding

Plus, we explore the importance of drawing upon formative past experiences. 



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