Passion for Processing: A Partnership of Sterile Processing Customers & Innovative Solutions

What do you get when you mix an unrelenting passion for processing with a commitment to hear from & deliver upon the needs of Sterile Processing customers on the frontlines? You get the team at Pure Processing, founded in 2010 and based in Carol Stream Illinois, who work tirelessly to develop and manufacture ergonomic solutions for easy, fast, safe and effective medical device pre-cleaning.

Joining us for this week’s Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ is Dan Gusanders, Founder & CEO and Megan Pietura, Operations & HR Manager at Pure Processing, to share about what sets their team apart as a collaborative partner in equipping Sterile Processing teams to fight dirty smarter. Tune in to hear about everything from sink inserts and pegboards, to automated flushing devices (such as their FlexiPump technology) and innovative prep & pack assembly tables, and much more.


Grab your technicians, department leaders, and clinical customers to hear this unique conversation about a company who is listening and leading across the Sterile Processing industry!


For more information, you can visit Pure Processing on their website at

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And don’t forget to follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram (@pure_processing), and Twitter (@PureProcessing).


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