Patient-Centered and Preventive Healthcare 2.0 with Unmesh Srivastava, CTO of P3 Health

Today, we sit down with Unmesh Srivastava, CTO at P3 Health. P3 is a value-based care organization that’s bringing digital solutions to the healthcare space. We learn about Unmesh’s experience with partners in the P3 network and how they use digital to manage patient lives. We learn about patient-centricity as a result of digital as well as the influence of policy at care organizations. Lastly, we talk about what’s in store for the future of healthcare and how digital can contribute to preventive healthcare delivery! Enjoy!

Questions Answered

– What’s the process like to managing patient lives?

– What does digital add to the conversation on value-based care?

– What does the role of policy and Medicare / Medicaid have in the digital enablement of health?

– What do you envision the future of healthcare to look like? What are you most excited about?

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