Patient Positioning Without The Pain: Evolving Patient Positioning For Both Patients and Staff

Every day, we push, pull, lift, and strain to position our patients for their procedures. We routinely tuck arms with draw sheets to allow practitioners closer access to the surgical field, but the products and the methods we use to pad and protect our patients don’t always provide the protection we would like them to. On this exciting Vendor Spotlight, we speak with David Gomez, CRNA and CEO, CTO of Infinitus Medical Technologies, LLC., about the many ways his company is evolving patient positioning for everyone in the OR.

Their positioning solutions are designed to facilitate highly reliable workflow processes for staff needed to reduce ergonomic effort and positioning variability. His products have led to improved efficiency and performance, while serving to reduce common workarounds that impact positioning efficacy and safety. Tune in to learn more about the different positioning systems Infinitus Medical Technologies offers, and learn how they can benefit both your patients and your staff. Learn more by visiting the Infinitus Medical Technologies, LLC website, contacting them via e-mail, and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook. #PatientPositioning #PatientSafety #Surgery #OperatingRoom #FirstCase #VendorSpotlight



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