Privacy Curtains Cannot Be Cleaned By UV-C

In this episode, Karen dispels the myths surrounding UV-C light disinfection for privacy curtains, and discusses how UV-C light disinfection is less efficient than laundering. Plus, discover how long it can take to adequately terminally clean a patient room if the privacy curtain is exchanged as well. 

This is episode 7 of our 12-Part Expert Series On-The-Go series! In this series, we’re learning from industry expert Karen Goelst, CEO and Founder of KleenEdge. With a 20-year background in architectural specialties and textiles, Karen became passionate about solving the issues surrounding privacy curtains following her 15-year-old son’s hospital stay with MRSA.


Expert Series On-the-Go presents perioperative insights from industry experts in a creative, easy to listen to, audio format. Think audio book meets busy Operating Room professional!

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