Proceed with Caution: The What, Why, & When of Neuromonitoring in Surgery

What is that tech doing over in the corner of the Operating Room on their computer? If you’ve ever wondered just what was going on, then you’re not alone. We work alongside neuromonitoring techs in many different cases, but may of us don’t know exactly what it is that they’re doing throughout the procedure. On this week’s episode of First Case, we explore the interesting world of neuromonitoring with Jake Kidd, COO at The Phoenix. Listen in as he explains what neuromonitoring is, what training is required for the technicians, and the important role that neuromonitoring plays in surgical procedures. Ready to learn? Let’s get going!   Love our show? Now you can download our BRAND NEW First Case mobile app on: 📲 Apple users: Android users:   Or you can subscribe to the podcast through: 💻 Apple Podcasts – iHeart Radio – Spotify – Stitcher –   #FirstCase #Podcast #Surgery #ORNurse #Neuromonitoring #SurgicalTechnologist #Education #Networking 



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