Pulling Back the Curtain: Uncovering the Privacy Curtain Standard of Care

How many times do you handle privacy curtains during a regular shift? In surgical services, we often have privacy curtains in our preoperative and postoperative areas. How often do we touch the curtain, and then touch the patient? Do you know what contaminants have been found on privacy curtains? In today’s First Case Vendor SpotlightTM with Karen Goelst, CEO & Founder of KleenEdge, we’re going to discover the realities of privacy curtain management and find out how privacy curtains can contribute to hospital acquired infections. We’ll also learn how KleedEdge is automating privacy curtain compliance and improving patient and staff safety.

KleenEdge offers multiple no-ladder solutions with one curtain per track which translates into reduced labor and a significant reduction in curtain costs. They ensure compliance with their Scan and Go Protocol software offering both periodic and Isolation room exchanges along with automated reminders and alerts. KleenEdge is committed to improving the environment offering 100% recyclable products to drive sustainability initiatives and goals.

Learn more about KleenEdge by visiting www.kleenedge.com and follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook!

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