Putting the brakes on infectious diseases with AI

Our guest: Reshma Suresh

Reshma Suresh heads Operations at Qure.ai. She has over 8 years of experience in building and scaling product innovations in healthcare. She focuses on strategic operations and is passionate about new technologies and last mile healthcare delivery. With a background in engineering as well as management, she works closely with clients and the product specialists to convert products to meaningful solutions.

She strongly believes that true impact can stem only from a patient-centric healthcare approach.

In this episode, Reshma starts with the early days of Qure.ai and the foundational aspects that are vital. Then she leads us through the challenges the pandemic presented and how Qure.ai was able to pivot their solution towards screening for Covid-19.

We then discuss ML-Ops that is critical to engineering delivery and Reshma shares examples on how important it is for the ML pipeline to support various solution needs i.e. speed, accuracy, reliability and reproducibility.

This episode is the first to have questions from our audience and Reshma answers a variety of them.

You will not want to miss the companion video segment with Reshma Suresh on the You+AI Vodcast which is full of fun and candid moments.

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