S2E43: Ep 43 Engineering Einstein | Digital Pathology & Artificial intelligence

The computing world has come a long way in less than 100 years.

Since Alan Turing introduced his paper ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’ in 1950, we have not only achieved the ‘Turing Test’ of Artificial Intelligence, but exceeded it.

This episode takes a look at Digital Pathology and the prospects of Artificial Intelligence particularly in relation to Anatomical Pathology.

Our special guest is Dr Joseph Anderson

Dr Joseph Anderson Bio
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Dr. Joseph Anderson, the hostof Digital Pathology Today, is a consultant to early stage and mature companies in the digital pathology and molecular diagnostics space.

Previously, he oversaw the clinical pathology group at Genomic Health as the Oncotype Dx Breast Cancer Assay grew to a volume of over half a million tests. He was also involved in the development of new products, including assays for DCIS, Colon Cancer and one of the first commercially available liquid biopsies.

He served the College of American Pathologists on the Molecular Oncology Committee, with responsibility for proficiency testing in biomarkers for lung cancer in the United States and across the world and as a member of the House of Delegates representing the State of California. He has served on several working groups and committees for the American Medical Association for CPT coding and reimbursement and assessment of new technologies such as next generation sequencing.

Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota Medical School, Dr. Anderson completed residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at Rush University, fellowship in Oncologic Pathology at Fox Chase Cancer Center and post-doctoral training in Molecular Diagnostics at UCSF. He initially worked in private practice, credentialed at 17 various hospitals and surgery centers.

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