TelePT Connections Podcast #10 – Marc Campo

This week on the TelePT Connections Podcast, our esteemed guest is Professor Marc Campo. Dr Campo has been teaching at the Mercy College Doctorate of Physical Therapy program since 2002.

His teaching focus is on rehabilitation research methods. Marc’s courses teach Mercy students to become educated consumers of the research literature and develop the skills needed to become entry-level clinical researchers.

Marc has done extensive research on the physical effects of patient handling and manual therapy on Physical Therapists – so he’s looking out for all of us. He was even awarded the 2012 Bernice Owen Award for Research in Safe Patient Handling. I never thought much about applications of technology to patient handling, but Dr Campo sure has, and you’ll hear some of his brilliant ideas on this podcast. 

We also get into:

  • Advocating for the PT Profession
  • PTs and our Relation to Tech
  • Rehabilitation Robotics
  • The Exponential Growth Mindset
  • Big Data Applications for Healthcare

Marc is one of the smartest PTs we know and he’s a great communicator. This podcast does not disappoint. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Daniel Seidler has been a Physical Therapist since graduating from Columbia University in 1996. Telehealth PT has been his passion and his mission since 2018. His practice, TelaPT offers white-labeled Telehealth PT services to PT practices, third-party payers and value-based organizations caring for specific patient populations.

Adrian Miranda is a Physical Therapist who loves storytelling. From an early age he saw the power of television and film. While he was in PT school he knew he wanted to combine video and health, but he wanted to take it a step further… Adrian’s goal is to use television, film, and VR to create a connection that educates people about their bodies and also motivates them to take action. Digital health is becoming better at analyzing us, but taking the extra step to take action and change behavior is a challenge, likely because it is boring. Adrian is on a mission to provide healthcare entertainment!


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