TelePT Connections Podcast #8

On this week’s episode, Adrian and Dan are joined by a very special guest, their good friend, Dr. David Sofer, DPT. Dave is a physical therapist, educator, entrepreneur, patient rights advocate and life-long learner. Clinical practice is his passion, and he loves sharing that with his patients in the office, students at SUNY Downstate PT program and with followers of his arthritis management website

Dave shares a bunch of stories about his PT career as a practice owner, as an influential leader in the NYPTA, and about his unique experience as the son of a PT legend, Dr. Roslyn Sofer.

Dave’s a good buddy of both of ours and he’s got a lot to say about the PT profession today and where it will be in the future. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Thank you for listening to the PT Connections Podcast.

To learn more about Dr. Dave go to or email him at Dr.Dave@ArthritisHelp.Info

You can find Adrian and Dan here…..

Twitter: @adrianmpt

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