Terminal Velocity: How Science and Speed are Changing the Industry One Biological Indicator at a Time

How often do you get the chance to go behind the scenes with the people who are developing products that drive technology and the ability to meet the demands of the industry? On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we interview Ben Fryer, Principal Scientist with Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). Ben developed the ASP STERRAD VELOCITY® Biological Indicator (BI)/ Process Challenge Device (PCD), the first and only all-in-one BI/PCD designed for the STERRAD® System. Reduce risk, comply with industry standards, save time, and go inside the creator’s design process of this game-changing product by tuning in now.  

To learn more about STERRAD VELOCITY® Biological Indicator (BI)/ Process Challenge Device (PCD) visit educate.beyondclean.net/aspspotlight and follow Advanced Sterilization Products on LinkedIn. 

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