The Digital Disruption in Health with Justin Norden, VC Investor and Partner at GSR Ventures

In this episode, we sit down with Justin Norden, a Partner at GSR Ventures. GSR Ventures is one of the world’s most successful early-stage venture firms, with over $3B under management and with investments in Kinsa, Deep 6 AI, DataVisor, Plus AI, and Didi (the Uber of China), just to name a few. Prior to joining GSR Ventures, Justin worked on Apple’s digital health team, graduated from medical and business school from Stanford, and helped launch the Stanford Center for Digital Health (

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How has the world of digital health changed over the past 5 years?

2.) What was involved in standing up the Stanford Center for Digital Health?

3.) How has digital health been explored by large tech giants like Apple?

4.) What did your transition to Venture Capital look like?

5.) How do you best allocate time as a VC investor? How do you balance working between discovering startups and working with your portfolio companies?

6.) What common hurdles do healthcare entrepreneurs face?

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