The Future of Sterilization, Here Today

With another new FDA clearance, the SteriCUBE® multi-tray sterilization container is continuing to blaze a trail of efficiency and safety in Sterile Processing departments and Operating Rooms across the United States. Joining us for this week’s Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ is Michele Mauzerall, CEO and Managing Partner at PMBS, LLC and Progressive Sterilization, LLC, and Jeff Berger, VP Engineering & Quality at SteriCUBE® to discuss their most recent FDA news along with how this unique sterilization solution is impacting frontline clinicians just like you. Tune in to hear about the innovative pressure tests performed on the SteriCUBE® to give users confidence in the integrity of the container, and find out more about their placement program which eliminates the need for capital approval to begin taking advantage of the SteriCUBE® today. There’s a lot going on in the world of SPD efficiency and safety, so make sure you catch this important update right here on Beyond Clean!

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PS – Don’t miss the downloadable bonus content featuring a Whitepaper on the SteriCUBE® developed by the team from the Hospital for Specialty Surgery


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