The Netherlands Ep. 2: Buurtzorg: Redefining Nursing With Self-Managing Teams

One of the biggest global challenges in healthcare at the moment is the workforce crisis.

Workforce shortages are not related to the number of people that get trained for healthcare professionals but the working conditions that they need to operate under. 

In today’s episode, we will look at a good practice related to nursing organizations in the community of the Netherlands. I spoke with Thijs de Blok, CEO of Buurtzorg International – an organization of 15.000 nurses that work in self-managing teams and provide holistic care to patients. I asked Thijs, more about the early beginnings of the organization, how it fits in the dutch healthcare system context, and what he observed in terms of care providers globally.

Tune in to the episode about nurses in the US: Has The Risk of Becoming a Nurse Become Too Great in the US?




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