The Power of Precision

Surgeons need high-quality instruments that are dependable and guaranteed to work, every single time. But not all surgical instruments are created equal in terms of precision, durability, and quality. In today’s First Case Vendor Spotlight, Dr. Mark Jewell, a recognized world leader in plastic surgery, shares his experiences using Stille instruments, which are exclusively distributed in the US by Synovis, MCA. Did you know that the vast majority of Stille instruments are handcrafted by their highly skilled instrument makers in Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm, Sweden? The instruments’ journey from a rod of stainless steel to a finished instrument is a long one, involving multiple stages. Stille’s unique method of crafting its instrument materials, and its usage of only the very highest-grade steels, give their instruments their unique feel and durability. Tune in as Dr. Jewell discusses Stille’s light, well-balanced, precision workmanship and learn more about the benefits of using Stille Instruments, including how they improve clinical outcomes, in this exciting interview!

Stille makes a variety of high-quality instruments including supercut scissors, needle holders, forceps, ronguers, clamps, retractors, curettes, osteotomes, and micro instruments. To learn more, visit Stille’s website at  You can also visit their professional and experienced US Distributor, Synovis MCA, at   

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