The Psychology of Sales: How Sellers Sell and Why Buyers Buy

Episodes NOW CEC APPROVED for AHRMM members! // How do successful sellers sell, and why do buyers buy? What is the psychology behind the selling and buying process? Is healthcare different from other industries when it comes to purchasing? Every hospital thinks that they are unique, but is the buying process the same from facility to facility and organization to organization? Tune in today as Justin and Hays meet with Martyn Lewis, Founder & CEO at Market Partners as he explains the buying and selling process of how sellers sell and why buyers buy. Martyn is the author of the book, How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t and in this episode he shares his experience, research and insight into the sales and buying process with over 40 years of experience in sales in marketing. So, whether you’re trying to close that next sale, or work through that next big purchase – don’t miss out on this excellent episode and listen today! 

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