The Resident: A Perspective on that New Surgeon Experience

“The residents are coming! The residents are coming!”  How does your Sterile Processing team feel when you hear those words? Are you prepared? Are your instruments? On this Season 19 episode of “The Surgeons We Serve,” a season focused on spotlighting the intersection of surgeons & surgical instruments, we are joined by Allison M. Hunter, MD, Orthopaedic Hand, Elbow & Upper Extremity Surgeon at Baldwin Bone & Joint to discuss this resident’s perspective on the early days of interacting with surgical instruments. 

Tune in as we talk about the human side of residency, the impact of Sterile Processing errors on young surgeons, and building a collaborative educational approach and culture to bringing our two teams together from day one. What does it take to build healthy relationships with your residents? And why is this time so formative for instilling trust in SPD? Join us this week to find out!

   Season 19 episodes are individually approved for 1 CE, so once you finish this interview, you can download your CE certificate immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week. 

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