The Truth About Bad Behavior in the OR

This week’s episode of the First Case “Articles On-The-Go” series is written by Melanie Perry, RN, BSN, CNOR co-host of the First Case podcast and founder of The Circulating Life where she outlines the keys to changing the culture within the OR: ” Bad behavior in the OR isn’t going to change overnight. We need zero-tolerance policies that are enforced, regardless of who the aggressor is. We need clear ways to make our voices heard and direct lines of communication when we need to escalate an issue. We need people in leadership who will listen and act. But, we need more than that….. We have to be part of the solution as well. Every single one of us needs to take responsibility for our own behavior, and we need to show kindness and compassion to everyone we work with, regardless of job title or position.”


Articles On-the-Go presents perioperative insights from written articles in a creative, easy to listen, audio format. Think audio book, meets busy Operating Room professional!

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