TPTC Podcast Ep25 – David Fried: VR Gamification of Rehab

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Our guest this week is David Fried. David is the CEO of Evolv, a medical device manufacturer which uses VR, motion capture technologies, and gaming to treat neuromotor and age-related diseases and conditions. He studied architecture in his native Canada and later in Spain where he practiced for several years before setting up an interactive digital media firm in Bilbao in 2004.

David later joined Virtualware in 2012 to help develop novel VR and AR hardware solutions. He then became Director of Virtualware’s UK office where he got deeply involved with their new product called VirtualRehab (now called EvolvRehab®), a pioneering virtual therapy application designed to improve rehabilitation through gaming.

In 2017, Virtualware founded Evolv with the aim of further developing virtual rehabilitation technologies and expanding the use of its CE certified EvolvRehab® platform for telerehabilitation and prevention. Since then, David has helped expand the use of EvolvRehab® into 20 countries where it has been used by thousands of people of all ages and levels of disability. He recently led Evolv’s entry into the Microsoft Social Entrepreneurship Program.

In this podcast episode we got to talk about: – The value of repetition and high rep volume following a stroke – Therapy games, gamification, and VR – PT/OT practitioner contribution to software development and design – Payment and reimbursement for rehab assistance tools like AR/VR – The future of healthcare

David Fried and Evolv are onto something big and their product design is so user friendly because they endlessly gather feedback from practitioners and patients. This approach leads to continuous design improvements, increased engagement, and improved outcomes – and their research confirms it.

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I had a great conversation with David Fried. I hope you learn a lot from this one and enjoy the episode as much as I did.

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