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This week we got to speak with Dr. Jennifer Solomon. Dr. Solomon is an award-winning, board-certified physiatrist, specializing in spine and sports medicine. Most recently, she served as an Attending Physiatrist for 18 years at the prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC.

Dr. Solomon’s philosophy as a non-operative specialist is to properly diagnose the injury—identifying the root cause of a patient’s pain—and pursue a proactive treatment plan. Whether utilizing non-operative procedures, physical therapy, or a specified strength and conditioning plan with preventative care, Dr. Solomon works with the patient every step of the way so they can return to a pain-free, injury-free, active lifestyle.

Dr. Solomon has served as a team physician for the United States Tennis Association (USTA) on the WTA Tour and has worked numerous sporting events, including the NYC Marathon. She has been recognized annually by Castle Connolly as one of New York’s Top Doctors since 2013. Dr. Solomon is a born and raised New Yorker and currently resides in NYC with her two daughters, Samantha and Alexis. She is an athlete at heart, having grown up as a Junior Tennis Star and collegiate tennis athlete. Dr. Solomon still plays tennis for fun, is an avid cyclist, and has a passion for all things fitness and exercise.

In this podcast episode we got to talk about: – Functional and mechanical assessment – Research in clinical practice – Pros and cons of PRP injections vs other interventions – Building effective relationships between Physiatry and Physical Therapy

Jennifer Solomon and her group at the Regenerative SportsCare Institute are blazing a trail for the future of MSK Medicine. It was great speaking with her and learning about the innovations coming from that area of MSK care. We hope you learn from this episode and enjoy the episode as much as we did.

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