Tray Optimization – The Instruments Tell A Story, Data Drives The Change

What does drone technology have to do with minimally invasive surgery? What happens when a neurosurgeon and “rocket scientist” start collaborating on new technologies to optimize solutions in the operating room? Did you know that every instrument tells a story and provides an insight into what the current need is, how and why it’s being used, the time of the case, and where the surgery is going? With access to real-time data, its possible to have insight into utilization by surgeon to create customized approaches that create a more efficient process for the entire surgical procedure. Dr. Patrick Codd, minimally invasive spine surgeon and co-found at mente and Wes Hill, co-founder at mente join Justin, Garry and Hank as they provide details into using real-time data to drive improvements in instrument utilization and overall optimization in the operating room. With the ability to lower costs, reduce excess work by multiple teams and improve patient outcomes – using real-time data and machine learning to optimize operations is the future! You don’t want to miss this conversation! 



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