Using Software as a Drug: An Introduction to All Things Digital Therapeutics (DTx), with Danny Kim, Head of Corporate Development @ WELT

Today, we have part two of our interview with Danny Kim, the Head of Corporate Development at WELT!

WELT was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of Samsung to explore the intersection of healthcare and technology. WELT creates personalized digital therapeutics that combine sensor and digital biomarker technologies with therapeutic contents for the treatment of diseases with a high unmet medical need.

In the past, Danny served as the Director of Business Development at Soundable Health, VP atContrary Capital, Corporate Development Analyst with Pear Therapeutics as an operator atPillPack (PillPack’s biggest fanboy—Danny’s unofficial title at the company); the company was acquired by Amazon for $1B during his stay.

What you will learn about today:

1.) What are digital therapeutics?

2.) How do you prove efficacy for a digital therapeutic?

3.) How is data driving the world of healthcare? Who should be in charge of that data?

4.) How will people manage their healthcare data in the future?

5.) What does corporate development look like at a digital therapeutics company?

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