Weaving Strategic Value into the DNA of Your Business

Is all the “strategic” selling you’ve been doing really just economic and clinical selling? If you’re not challenging your customers on their assumptions and identifying the real motives behind their goals, then congrats—you’re 90% of MedTech reps. Strategic value is the only way to differentiate yourself, but what does that look like to your physician partners?  We sat down with award-winning rep Jonathan Lehmann, enterprise sales manager for the East at Ambry Genetics, to discuss how he highlights his customers’ blind spots, boldly leads them on a clear course for the future, and gives them the growth tools they didn’t even know they needed.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to combine vulnerability with curiosity to take new ground
  • What it means to use collusion in a positive manner
  • The value of using “tactical courageousness” to identify your customer’s boundaries 
  • Habits that help you conquer imposter syndrome

Plus, we explore the impact of routine journaling on both personal and professional development.  

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