What Makes Healthcare Marketing Different: The Inside Scoop w/ Matthew Scott #128

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with the Principal and Managing Director of FEED. The Agency, Matthew Scott. FEED is an award-winning healthcare brand agency engaged by doctors and dentists who want to creatively differentiate themselves in their local marketplace in the mindset of their ideal patients.

Let’s dive into Matthew’s story of how physicians can better market themselves and bring in the ideal patients.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 07:21] The Importance of Healthcare Marketing

  • We introduce our guest, Matthew Scott
  • Matthew gives a little bit of back story about himself
    • Business Agency Owner
    • United States Army Veteran
  • We talk about why we created this podcast
  • Matthew talks about the importance of the healthcare marketing industry
    • Patient-centric approach
    • Difference between patients and consumers
  • “The Money Pit” that doctors have to avoid

[07:22 – 17:52] What Makes Healthcare Marketing Different

  • Difference between a healthcare marketing agency and a traditional marketing agency
  • How do you deal with physicians that are nervous and hesitant about working with another agency?
    • “I give them our belief, our methodology.”
    • Build a patient experience around trust
  • Matthew digs deeper into the “onboarding process.”
    • Doctors must understand that patients are focused on perspective, process, and protocol.
    • What does a great patient experience look like, sound like, and feel like?

[17:53 – 25:39] Branding vs. Marketing

  • What is the difference between branding and marketing? And why is it important to have the difference communicated to physicians?
    • Matthew gives a comparison of branding and marketing
  • Giving physicians a voice

[25:40 – 40:52] Working with FEED

  • Things for physicians to consider when working with Matthew
    • Awareness
    • Focus on the message to be communicated
    • Become the specialist of their specialty
  • Matthew shares a recent trend in healthcare marketing
  • Clarifying the meaning of agency and what we can bring to the table

[40:53 – 49:55] Pathfinder Movement

  • Shout out to all the pathfinders in the healthcare marketing field
    • People want to work with you because they find value in you.
  • Matthew reflects on the future opportunities for this industry
  • Matthew’s final thoughts for the listeners
  • Connect with Matthew online. See below for the links


Tweetable Quotes:

“Hey doctors, we believe that the key to your patient marketing communications is that it’s built on trust and trust is your real currency, and if you believe that trust is your real currency, then why would you not take marketing and branding and clothe your patient experience around trust. And if you form enough trust and what will happen is, is that your brand will go from awareness to building authentic authority and when you reach authentic authority, i.e., your reputation is something that others are sharing on your behalf. You will not only attract ideal patients, but you will ultimately spend less money in traditional marketing.” – Matthew Scott

“What does a great patient experience look like, sound like, and feel like? And if the doctors listening to this just took that into consideration and then wrapped it in a patient onboarding system if you will, they are so much further ahead.” – Matthew Scott

“If you can start off with a strategic understanding of how to authentically differentiate yourself in the mindset of patients, you will learn to attract more ideal patients.” – Matthew Scott


Resources Mentioned:


You can connect with Matthew on LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit their website to know more about FEED. The Agency


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